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by Ferdi Trihadi.

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Wreck It Ralph: Street Fighter Edition - by Dan LuVisi
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Dorkly .GIF of the Day: The ultimate Street Fighter fan.


Mega Man Tribute 

Created by Glauber Tanaka

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Hadoken-ing: Real Life Street Fighters

What’s Hadoken-ing? It is a trend from Japan where kids reenact scenes from Street Fighter in photos. And since it has pretty much blown up the internet today, here is a fashion photo shoot we did awhile back that takes that idea to the next level, putting our real-life street fighters in pixelated 3D realms. 

See Japan’s latest craze of Hadoken-ing here.

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Star Wars vs. Vidya Gaem Figures by Chicago Toy Collector

The vintage line of Kenner Star Wars figures is memorable in the “so bad it’s good” way, which is all the more reason to inflict all other fandoms with the same cheesy veneer: for starters, Dan at Chicago Toy Collector repainted and reassembled a few of the classic figures (can you recognize some of the parts?) to portray a custom Super Mario Bros. and 8-bit Mega Man line. Fingers and tentacles crossed in the hopes that Dan continues this series and eventually makes some Kenner-ized Castlevania and anthropomorphized pokemon figures (don’t pretend like you don’t want to see that… stop it, stop pretending right now, a Jawa would make a very convincing Pikachu).

Artist: Flickr / Website


Mega Man X.

Chilling on my snow day with some #Marvel vs #Capcom. #Thanos #Thanos #Thanos vs. #Thanos #Thanos #Thanos