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Rot in Hell, Lt. Surge…


The 39 Generation II Pokémon that 
were originally going to
debut in Generation I. [x]

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Why does it look like Red just asked an awkward question and the karate guys are turning away embarrassed while trying to play it cool like nothing happened?
Ain’t that the truth…
My God, has it really been that long?
Now, given the size of Dragonite - and the sheer destructive force of Hyper Beam - shouldn’t the attack turn that guy into a bloody, pulpy mess splattered all over the wall? And, transitively, this makes Lance guilty of murder. Just saying.

Do you know in my 15 years of owning Donkey Kong for Game Boy I’ve never reached the final stage, let alone seen the ending? I have a new goal life right now: Beat. This. Game!

I can tell you firsthand that fighting games on the original Game Boy do. Not. Work. Ever play Fist of the North Star (worked in theory, not practice)? But digital artist and programmer Dan Fornace thinks otherwise by creating a Game Boy version of Super Smash Bros. entitled Super Smash Land! Completely downloadable, the game definitely runs way faster than the Game Boy and is something that wouldn’t have been possible on the system. The roster’s small (Mario, Link, etc.), but players can eventually unlock a few more including the Blue Bomber himself: Mega Man (with Dr. Wily’s castle as an arena)! Hopefully, Nintendo will get the message and release Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS for portable crossover mayhem!

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Now if we can just get the 8-bit Dr. Who theme into the GIF somehow this would be a masterpiece.

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You know, for all the technological strides made with the 3DS, it would be nice to go back to the days when it wasn’t about final bosses, achievements or downloadable content. Just aiming to get the high score and the unbridled self-satisfaction that comes with.

What I wouldn’t give for a time machine… so I can buy a Game and Watch.

It had me at “shitlords”!
He hasn’t had his coffee yet.
A very early piece of concept art for Pokemon, back when it was originally called Capsule Monsters.
Nidorino and Gengar have certainly come a long way!