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Red Ghost vs Red Hulk
Always bet on Red.
I will always stand by my opinion that Red Hulk makes for an awesome Avenger; better than Hulk (sorry, Bruce).
The Avengers #25, April 2012 (Vol. 4)
The more I think about it, the better the whole concept begins to sound.
Hasbro is actually releasing exclusives at New York Comic Con for once? Oh, perish the thought! No, really, it’s about time New York starts getting some of the goods, Hasbro.

Hasbro will offer a Marvel Universe Compound Hulk exclusively at New York Comic-Con at booth #302 for $11. [Marvel]

Thank God for the freelance gigs, because otherwise my comic budget would’ve taken a beating.

That aside, loving that Avengers Academy teaser and the “Hulk of Arabia” story arc sounds amazing. According to sources, Red Hulk will be up against a Dr. Doom-level threat in the Middle East. I say: bring it!

(via Comic Book Resources)

Ribs. Red Hulk is having ribs for lunch.