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SDCC 2012 Exclusive Masters of Evil 3-Pack

And what did I tell you?

Probably some of the best Marvel Universe action figures Hasbro has put out in quite some time; shame about them being exclusive to a certain event that not everybody could attend for financial reasons (had to order mine from elsewhere, still worth it, though).

Plus, if you already own the Wrecking Crew and Absorbing Man, you’re that much closer to creating the Masters of Evil from the "Under Siege" story arc that took place in The Avengers (Vol. 1) back in the ’80s — in action figure form, of course!

How I presently feel about not being at Comic-Con International and waiting in line for that Marvel Universe Masters of Evil 3-pack…

This will be mine, I assure you…


Come August, I’m praying that ordering the the SDCC exclusive Transformers/G.I. Joe Shockwave HISS Tank off Hasbro ToyShop won’t be a complete disaster like last year…

The San Diego Comic-Con Sentinel I ordered last week has finally landed at my house! And let me tell you: It. Is. Amazing!

Candidates are as follows: Iceman, Man-Thing, Photon, Hercules, Black Panther, Blade, Cyclops, Skarr, Storm, Ghost Rider, Deadpool, Loki, Cloak with Dagger, and Rogue.
Rumor time: Cyclops might be a shoe in given what’s going to happen in the pages of X-Men: Schism. Truth be told, he always had an inexplicable Avengers vibe to me over the years; Marvel’s a bunch of mind readers I tell ya.
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Yes, yes and YES! Everyone’s favorite “non-team” the Defenders is coming back in December and being a guy who goes for the offbeat and alternative in comics, I can’t wait to get my hands on the first issue. Just some things you should know:
- It’s ongoing!
- Stories will be roughly between 2 to 3 issue long; meaning more crazy in the year!
- Dr. Strange is ditching the trench coat and has got some spiffy sorcerer duds!
- The first story involves the Hulk hitting the team up for a favor - for what we don’t know.
December can’t come fast enough and, hopefully, a new generation of readers will take the time to appreciate and grow to love a team as strange (no pun intended) as the Defenders. All I want to know is if Doc Strange and Iron Fist are bidding the New Avengers farewell, and what does this mean for Joe Casey’s team of Defenders?
Defenders will be written by Matt Fraction and illustrated by Terry Dodson.
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I really, REALLY need to get a Blu-Ray player… and an HD TV for that matter…

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Ow, my wallet! It hurts! It hurts…

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Thank God for the freelance gigs, because otherwise my comic budget would’ve taken a beating.

That aside, loving that Avengers Academy teaser and the “Hulk of Arabia” story arc sounds amazing. According to sources, Red Hulk will be up against a Dr. Doom-level threat in the Middle East. I say: bring it!

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Even though I’m more of a Star Wars fanboy, this was just too weird to pass up.
This October, IDW and DC are teaming up to bring a story unlike any other - a story that, up unil now - only existed within the darkest realms of message board fan fiction: Star Trek/Legion of Super Heroes.
Written by Chris Roberson with illustrations by Jeffrey and Philip Moy, the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise ally themselves with the Legion of Super-Heroes for reasons not yet known (and most illogical, most likely).
Like I said, not a Trekkie, but color me intrigued! And congrats IDW, you’re playing with the big boys!
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I already own the Transformers Armada Unicron from years back - which currently has seen better days - but I might just end up caving and buying this bad boy! With movie-accurate coloration and a new face sculpt, you’d have to be dumber than a Dinobot after huffing paint not to bring the 25th Anniversary Unicron home!

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Rather than waste your time and gush how awesome these new Marvel Universe figures are, I’ll just let the pics speak for themselves.

I NEED that Ant-Man and Moon Knight two pack, however!

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Tell me this is not the coolest thing you’ve ever seen! It may just be a variant cover to Kaboom’s DuckTales #1, but I’d definitely be picking this bad boy up if I were at San Diego Comic Con. Alas, I am not…
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